Why Choose the Original Epson Print Head of Fedar Digital Printing Machine

Recently, not only the price of Epson nozzles has skyrocketed, and a single nozzle has risen by nearly 1,000RMB, but the nozzles are seriously out of stock and in short supply. The printhead is as expensive as gold. If you want a long service life of the print head, you need to know these maintenance methods and skills.


Fedar Sublimation printing machine ink
1. Don't add the wrong ink: different types of ink products have different compositions, mixing together will change the color and quality of the ink, and cause precipitation to block the nozzle.
2. Do not use inferior ink: Inferior ink raw materials are of poor quality, and the color and quality are not good enough, which will affect the printing effect and block the nozzle.
3.It is recommended to use the original original ink: the high-quality ink of the equipment manufacturer has good compatibility with the equipment, which can not only protect the nozzle of the digital printing machine, but also print a clearer and perfect image.


Fedar Printer Use specifications
1. Standard calibration nozzle: When using external force to replace or fine-tune the nozzle, brute force should not be used, and the standard operation should be carried out according to the manual.
2. Before printing out, check if there is any debris on the printing platform, and be careful not to scratch the nozzle.
3. The printhead should be protected against static electricity, and the ground wire must be connected before starting up. During lightning, turn off the power in time. In addition, when maintaining the printhead of the fedar printing machine, do not touch the printhead directly with your hands, and be sure to wear protective gloves.
4. Before shutting down, make sure that the printheads are closely attached to the ink stack and are completely airtight. This can effectively keep the printheads moist and prevent the printheads from clogging.
5.When the fedar digital sublimation printing machine is maintained, pay attention to the power failure. When the power is not turned off, installing or removing the circuit at will will cause great damage to the printhead.