FEDAR Digital Sublimation Printer: Essential for Industrial Production

FEDAR Digital Sublimation Printer, a well-known digital printing device brand in China, is a leader in the field of digital printing. Its FEDAR series digital sublimation printer are famous for their high-speed, stable and durable performance.

FEDAR digital sublimation printer adopts the industrial style, the overall appearance of black, gray, dark blue as the benchmark tone, looks very stable.



FEDAR digital sublimation printer has passed the test of the market and enjoys a good reputation. Its products cover a wide range and diversified print head configuration, which can meet the multiple printing demands of the public. The maximum printing speed of high-speed machine can reach 320㎡/h, and the maximum printing width is 2.6 meters.

 FEDAR digital textile printer with industrial structure design, intelligent operating system, personalized function configuration, from the details constantly improve the function of the equipment, for high-speed, stable printing to provide guarantee.


At present, FEDAR digital textile printer is widely used in the In Europe, Asia, Africa market. Many digital printing processing plants will give priority to FEDAR digital textile printers when expanding their scale or upgrading their equipment.

FEDAR digital sublimation printer can be regarded as the standard of printing industry and the benchmark in the field of digital printing machine. It can bring more profit for customers, which is the unique choice of processing production.