Fedar Direct Textile Printer: Printing Process and Technical Points Sharing

Now digital printing products have become a part of our lives, clothing, home textiles, home life, etc. are all inseparable from digital printing. I believe most people are curious about how these prints come from. Then follow us Fedar to learn about the digital printing process.


1. Image processing

For printing a better effect, the effect of the printing picture must be good, the impurities in the picture must be cleaned, and the color blocks that are prone to color difference must be fine-tuned in the picture processing software (you can find a professional to operate), to ensure that the picture is correct , this is the foundation of perfect effect.


2. Pre-treatment liquid Spraying

The cloth need to be pre-treated before printing. The pre-treatment liquids for light-colored and dark-colored cotton fabrics are different. For light-colored fabrics, it’s mainly used to increase the vividness of the pattern; For dark cotton fabrics, it’s used to chemically react with the white ink used for the primer, so that the white ink can be firmly absorbed in the dark pure on cotton fabric. The processing tools are diversified. You can use professional spray coating equipment or electric spray cans. In the process of spraying the treatment liquid, it is necessary to spray evenly to ensure that the treatment liquid is sufficient, otherwise the printing effect will not be good, and it will be easy to wash off, and over spraying will easily cause waste.


3. Directly Printing to Textile

The printing process is relatively simple. When the machine is working, ensure that the machine is stable and do not touch the data line and power line at will. Choosing a suitable printing machine can help you in one step.

Fedar direct to textile printer, easy to operate, intelligent design, not only excellent printing effect, but also easy to use. Fedar new product FD1862E-3200 has upgraded technology and more friendly design for users. Epson i3200-A1 print head has refined printing and better printing effects.

4.Color Fixing

After Fedar printing and color fixing, it can be ensured that the pattern will not fall off. Color fixation also has a certain trick. Too high temperature will easily cause damage to the fabric. If the temperature is too low, the color fastness is not enough. If the time is too long, it will easily cause damage to the fabric. If the time is too short, the pattern will also be washed off. of. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately grasp the time and temperature of fixing to make the best printing effect.

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