FD5198E 8 Head Digital Sublimation Printer

Since the establishment of the FEDAR textile printer brand, we always remember the key factors that make us successful in the dye sublimation printer industry: "meeting customer needs, Carrying out technological innovation, and bringing better printing experience”. Today, I recommend this 8 head FEDAR FD5198E inkjet sublimation printer, a cost effective transfer sublimation printer which is announced at the end of 2020.
1. The configuration is more advanced

This FD5198E is equipped with 8 pcs Epson I3200-A1 heads with the resolution of 3200DPI, the printing speed can reach 320 sqm/h, and it has the automatic capping station cleaning moisturizing functions; adopting Japanese THK mute guide rail, the movement is more stable and life is longer; equipped with China famous Leadshine brushless integrated motor with high-precision drive linear decoding function and Independent liftable anti-static electricity pinch roller which is made of USA important DuPont rubber.


2. The configuration is more humane
This FD5198E heat transfer printer is equipped with the monitor, keyboard and mouse bracket, customers do not need to separately purchase computer desks. The machine is reserved with 2 pcs 220V voltage output sockets for the printing power supply system. It adopts the waste ink alarm system to prevent waste ink overflow from damaging the machine.

3, The configuration is more practical


ThFD5198E printer’s head carriage is equipped with anti-collision devices, the carriage height is adjustable according to different heat transfer paper to protect the Epson I3200-A1 head; equipped with bulk ink supply system with 4 pcs upper ink tanks that has the function of Ink starving alarm, each ink tank is 4.5L, 8 pcs secondary ink cartridges, each ink cartridge is 500ml, with the heavy duty inflatable rollers media feeding and take-up unit, this printer is available for loading 1000m paper.
If you are interested in this 8 head FEDAR FD5198E dye sublimation printer, feel free leave us an inquiry, and the we also have the 3 head FD5193E, 4 head FD5194E, and 6 head FD5196E printer that is more cost effective,