Digital Dye Sublimation Printer, FEDAR is trustworthy

When buying digital dye sublimation printer, we are most afraid of encountering brands with unqualified quality and no after-sales guarantee. Therefore, we must be careful when purchasing. Today, I recommend one digital dye sublimation device with quality and after-sales guarantee -FEDAR Textile Print.

Quality is the product's responsibility to customers. A good-quality digital sublimation textile printer can not only be favored by the public, but it can also force the market to regulate industry standards and lead the industry in a better direction. As a high-quality digital industry sublimation printer brand in the market, FEDAR Textile Sublimation Printer has always been adhering to the principle of "quality first", dedicated to research, technological innovation, and continuous optimization and improvement of the performance of digital sublimation printing device, leading the new trend of industry development.


 In order to ensure the quality of the digital sublimation textile printing device, in the selection of spare parts, no matter the price, all are based on the most suitable, and only the most suitable accessories are selected to ensure the overall stability of the equipment. The accessories of FEDAR Textile Sublimation Printer mostly use high-quality imported accessories, such as Epson i3200-A1 print head, Japanese THK silent guide, Leadshine brushless integrated motor, U.S. imported fluorine rubber paper roller, German imported Igus ink chain, etc. .



 After-sales service is an important consideration for many users to choose a brand. After all, the digital sublimation printer is a relatively sophisticated printing equipment. After long-term use, it is inevitable that problems of various sizes will occur. If you encounter an unreliable after-sales brand, the equipment problem cannot be solved in time, which will not only affect the work efficiency, but even cause the printer to stop for a long time and cause heavy losses. This shows that it is very important to find a reliable after-sales brand.

FEDAR Digital Textile Sublimation Printer has a number of sales and service outlets, you can quickly solve the problem. If you are interested in our machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.