3 Important Ways to Maintain the FEDAR Digital Sublimation Printer in the Cold Dry Season

The temperature is dropping day by day, and it is getting colder, winter is coming. Do you know how to maintain the textile sublimation printer?


1. As we know that there are many foggy days and more dust in the air than the usual days in winter, this will lead to a problem that the heavy dusk will clog the printer’s head nozzles, take our FEDAR FD6198E dye sublimation printer as an example, it is equipped with 8 pcs Epson I3200-A1 heads, every head has 3200 pcs nozzles, these nozzles are easily be influenced by the dust. So, remember to close the window and door to avoid the dust, and always make sure the carriage is back to the cleaning and moisturizing capping station after the printing work is done. Cleaning the printer and covering the printer with dust-free cloth is also a good way to avoid head clogging.


2. The best indoor working temperature for an inkjet printer is 15-30. In addition, when the temperature is too low, the ink flow will not be as smooth as usual, causing the clogging of the printer head. Therefore, if you are going to use printing machines in winter, it is suggested to install air conditioners in the room to control the best working environment temperature, this will help you a lot for maximizing the productivity of your heat transfer printer.

3. Static electricity is a major risk that will do damage your heat transfer printer throughout the year, so anti-static protection in winter is also very important. Static electricity will influence the fly ink drop that causes poor printing quality, if things go worse, it will do damage to the printer’s head, the board system. Therefore, Before using the digital printing machine, connecting the earth wire in the right way, and at the same time, keep the indoor humidity between 35%-65% to eliminate the Static electricity.

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