The Latest Fedar 2.6m 8 Epson Heads Digital Dye Sublimation Printing Machine

FD5268E Fedar digital printing machine, using industrial structure design, intelligent operating system, personalized functional configuration. It is equipped with 8 Epson i3200-A1 heads, with a printing speed of 350㎡/h and a printing width of 2.6 meters, which is well recognized by the market and loved by customers. Single equipment can print at least 3000 meters per day, large roll paper reloading, improve work efficiency and reduce the cost of comprehensive use.

=Fedar dye sublimation printer equipped with advanced intelligent head cleaning and moisturizing device, provide safe and convenient cleaning and maintenance function, more convenient operation and maintenance.                   

5268 2.jpg


Fedar Intelligent drying system: synchronize with printing, saving energy and reducing emissions. During printing, the temperature can be adjusted in real time according to the actual situation.

Fedar series digital dye sublimation printing machines continue to optimize and upgrade, committed to providing you with more advanced printing equipment.