Product Advantages of FD51915E

As a rising star of high-speed digital printing machine, Fedar FD51915E can print more than 300 meters in 1 hour. It does not need plate making and sizing, and it can be printed immediately. The MOQ is small and the delivery speed is fast. It can easily solve the troublesome dark and light color products and samples Difficult color transition puzzle.


Product advantages:

Double THK linear ultra-quiet guide S-level: In high-speed motion, it can effectively reduce the resistance and noise in the running of the ink car, and ensure the smooth running of the guide rail and lower noise.

Adopt constant tension pendulum type paper retraction control system: to ensure that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, the paper is flat and compact, and the paper is not tightly retracted.

High-standard platform and beam adjustment method: ensure that the flatness of the beam and platform are controlled within the accuracy of 3S.

750w independent servo motor: high-precision drive linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error, and more stable performance.

Slotted Suction Print Panel: Rejects wrinkles.

Equipped with 3 3600W intelligent segmented drying systems: ensure more energy saving while drying.


This exhibition allowed more users to see the strength of Fei Die spinning and printing, and the outstanding printing quality of Fei Die digital printing machine has won the favor of many customers. In the future, Feidi Textile Printing will continue to keep pace with the times, dare to innovate, continuously improve product technology and quality, boost the development of the digital printing industry, and serve global customers.

In addition to covering 4-head machines, 6-head machines, 8-head machines, 15-head machines, etc., there are many models with special widths, such as 2.2 meters, 2.6 meters, 3.2 meters, 4.2 meters and other ultra-long models. The wide range of digital printing equipment, with a complete range of models, can provide users with a comprehensive and complete printing solution. Users can choose the most suitable digital printing equipment according to their own needs.