Printer Recommended This Week: TC1946E 6 Head Digital Sublimation Printer

With the technological innovation and digital sublimation printer’s development, it common to find out that everyone has a cloth or home textile product of dye sublimation printing at home.  Today, we recommend an inkjet sublimation printer that is cost-effective and universal for large and medium-sized enterprises-the TC1946 six-head transfer sublimation printer.

Compared with printers on the market, this FEDAR TC1946E has three advantages.


Advantage one: Brand advantage
TC1946 belongs to the family of FEDAR Textile Printer. We have focused on the printing industry for 15 years. So far, we have obtained 186 patents and have launched more than 30 products, FEDAR Sublimation Printer cooperates with the well-known Epson company, we use the Epson newest I3200-A1 heads for all dye sublimation printers.

Advantage two: Advanced printer configuration


1. Heads: equipped with 6 pcs Epson I3200-A1 heads, the MAX printing speed of the FEDAR TC1946E can reach up to 240sqm/h.
2. Guide rail: we adopt the Japanese THK silent linear guide rail, it has stable movement, high-speed movement, and can make a quiet and efficient working environment.

3.Auto Capping station: When printing for a long time, the heads can be automatically cleaned, the long-term airtight moisturizing gives more comprehensive protection to the head.


4. Anti-collision jet car: The head’s height can be adjusted freely according to different printing media, available for a wide range of heat transfer paper; anti-collision devices are added at both ends to protect the heads.
5. Ink cartridges: the upper 4 pcs ink tanks and 8 pcs secondary ink cartridges system can print continuously for a long time to ensure the image output quality; the ink cartridges are equipped with an ink shortage alarm device to remind the operator to add ink in time.

6. Pinch roller: The fluoro rubber rollers are imported from the United States, they are good at preventing static electricity, every pinch roller can be lifted independently.


7. Intelligent 1000m long heavy-duty media feeding and taking up system: it can bear a load of 1,000 meters of paper at a time, equipped with the rewinding and unwinding tension shafts, the heat transfer paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process and the paper is collected smoothly and tightly.
Advantage three: Professional and in time after-sales service 
FEDAR Sublimation Printer has established a distribution network of agents in many countries, and will provide regular professional technical training for agents; in addition, we are always available for the quick reply online after-sale service.
With these 3 advantages, this TC1946E will definitely bring surprises to your transfer sublimation business. If you are interested in this 6 head TC1946E dye-sublimation printer, feel free to leave us a message.