How to Maintain the Fedar digital printing machine in winter?

Since the beginning of winter, there have been continuous cold waves. The temperature in most areas of the country has been close to or below 0 degrees. In addition, the dry weather in winter makes the digital printing machine often encounter large and small failures during use, so it must be The winter maintenance of the digital printing machine must be done well. In winter, how to maintain the digital printing machine? Let's take a look.

Winter maintenance knowledge of Fedar digital printing machine


Pay attention to the operating room environment

Winter first means low temperature. The most obvious effect of the temperature drop on the  Fedar digital printing machine is that the print head is prone to "clogging", which leads to broken lines and skipped stitches in printing. This phenomenon will be resolved after the print head is cleaned. This is because the viscosity of the ink increases as the temperature decreases, and the ink droplets condense on the nozzle holes. At the same time, the temperature in winter is low, and the relative humidity is also lower. Dry air can easily cause the digital printing machine to print edges and rub paper. In severe cases, it may cause damage to the nozzle and motor.

Therefore, we must pay special attention to the temperature and humidity values in the operating room. The suitable temperature range for the digital printing machine is 18℃-30℃, and the humidity value is between 35%-65%. At the same time, in the winter environment, do not place the digital printing machine in an outdoor environment. If the temperature in the operation room of the digital printing machine is low, air conditioning can be appropriately used for heating and humidification.

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Pay attention to static electricity and dust

In winter, the weather is very dry, while the relative humidity decreases, and the static electricity and dust in the air increase. As we all know, static electricity and dust can damage the nozzle. If the static electricity is too large, it is easy to damage the print head or the circuit, and the dust will easily block the print head, causing the printed image to break. So when you use a digital printing machine in winter, you should not only pay attention to controlling the printing speed to prevent excessive static electricity, but also pay attention to cleaning the nozzle regularly to prevent dust from clogging the nozzle hole. The most important point is to connect the ground wire of the Fedar digital printing machine.

Pay attention to changes in ink viscosity

In addition to static electricity problems, lower temperatures in winter will also change the viscosity of the ink, and at the same time the fluidity will be correspondingly reduced a lot, especially inferior ink. In winter, the viscosity of the ink becomes larger, which will cause oblique spray and ink breakage when the nozzle is blocked, which affects the life of the nozzle. Therefore, users should choose inks with good weather resistance and good quality when purchasing inks. It is recommended that users choose Feidi Spinning original inks, imported raw materials, smooth use, low viscosity, and continuous output for a long time. In addition, pay attention to the ink storage. The ink is prone to qualitative changes if it is kept in an environment below zero for a long time. It is best to store it in an environment of 18℃-30℃.

If the Fedar printing machine is well maintained in winter, the equipment can run better and bring more benefits.