FEDAR FD65-2 PET Film Transfer: Best Choice for Your T-Shirt DIY Printing

When talking about the customized T-shirt DIY logo printing, your mind will appear the vivid color logos, Imaginative pattern design. When it comes to a pigment pyrograph film printer that is compatible with printing 200 pcs of the A4 size PET film logos in 1 hour, would you like to try it? 
Now, let me show you how the FEDAR FD65-2 heat transfer pigment printer works for the bespoken T-shirt printing.


1, Advanced heads and configuration.
Equipped with 2 pcs Epson officially authorized original I3200-A1 heads, the FD65-2 pyrograph printer can reach up to a MAX resolution of 3200 DPI, the printing speed is 6pass 10 sqm/h, 8pass 8 sqm/h. This T-shirt film printer adopts the well-known Japan THK mute guide rail, Chinese famous Leadshine servo and step motors, Germany IGUS ink chain, and USA pinch roller rubber. All these advanced parts will guarantee the long time stable and excellent printing.


2. New generation technology for the T-shirt logo and image pattern printing
This FD65-2 heat transfer pigment printer has the following advantages:
Soft-touch and flexible
No need for engraving (cutting) 
No need to hollow out picking
3 times faster than DTG & HTV machines 
2 head printer friendly and simple for operation
Widely use (cotton, polyester, polycotton, blended fabrics )
Full-color printing Suitable for dark and light garments applications 


If you are going to lead a storm of the heat transfer T-shirt Personalized market, feel free to try our FEDAR FD65-2 printer and leave a message.