Fedar FD6196E/6198E Digital Sublimation Printing Machine

The six-eight-head high-speed printing machine, the core trump card of Fedar Textile Printing, is popular in the digital printing market with its excellent quality.

Today we are going to talk about FD6196E/6198E, look at the pictures, and feel attentively!

FD6196E/6198E digital sublimation printing machine, diversified product configuration, can be configured with 6 nozzles or 8 nozzles. It has the characteristics of "extreme speed, high precision and stability", and the measured printing speed of 8 heads is 336㎡/h.



THK Guide Rail

Imported silent linear guide rail, dual guide rail configuration. No noise, more stable movement, more stable printing, extending the service life of the machine.


Secondary ink supply

Secondary continuous ink supply system, continuous printing for a long time; four super-capacity ink cartridges, each ink tube independently supplies ink for a row of nozzles, Ensure the high-speed output of large-area and dense images.

Ink shortage/waste ink alarm

Intelligent alarm reminder reduces the cumbersomeness of frequent checking, and promptly reminds to add ink or clean up the waste ink bucket to ensure the continuity of printing work. 

Inflable shaft retractable system


1000 meters of paper can be retracted at one time, eliminating the need for frequent paper loading operations, greatly saving manpower and time, and ensuring the continuous high-speed printing of the equipment. The unique swing lever in the rewinding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process and the rewinding is smooth and firm.

Anti rubbing function

Automatic paper measurement, anti-rubbing paper function, consumables warped edge, automatic printing pause, to prevent scratching the nozzle.

Raise Brushless Motor

High-precision drive linear decoding, higher accuracy, smaller length error, and more stable performance.


Unique pressure roller

The fluorine rubber pressure roller imported from the United States can prevent static electricity from flying, and the print size is more accurate. It can be lifted and lowered separately to reject wrinkles.

Intelligent lifting ink stack

It has the effects of long-lasting airtight moisturizing and automatic cleaning; two lifting methods, automatic lifting and manual lifting.

Wide range of applications, such as clothing, carpets, home furnishings, swimwear, etc.