Do You Really Know about Sublimation Transfer Printing?

We often talk about sublimation transfer printing, many people think that the pattern is printed directly on the required material medium. In fact, printing is divided into two ways: direct printing and sublimation transfer printing.


Direct printing refers to a production process in which dyes are directly infiltrated or transferred to Grey fabrics through screens and rollers to achieve pattern printing. Fedar Sublimation transfer printing refers to the use of a digital printing machine to print patterns on transfer paper, and then to print the patterns on the Grey fabric by means of hot press transfer.
Since sublimation transfer printing is mostly used for chemical fiber fabrics, with the increase of chemical fiber fabrics, combined with the advantages of flexible site and short process flow, transfer printing output has been greatly improved in recent years.
The thermal transfer printing can be divided into hot-melt transfer printing and sublimation transfer printing. Fedar Dye-sublimation transfer printing is a printing process commonly used in recent years. The specific process is:

Print the pattern on the transfer paper through Fedar sublimation printer, and then transfer the pattern paper through the heat press machine and the fabric will merge under the adaptable temperature and pressure conditions, and through the physical and chemical action, the pattern pattern on the paper Instantly sublimated and transferred to the surface of the fabric, and at the same time diffused and penetrated into the inner layer of the fiber to be fixed.


Here are the reasons why Fedar Sublimation printer are popular with customer.
1. Small footprint and easy operation process;
2. It reduces the post-treatment processes such as fixation and washing, thus avoiding the problem of sewage, which is an environmentally friendly printing and dyeing method;
3. Since the liquid absorption capacity of the transfer printing base paper is much less than the liquid absorption capacity of the direct printing on the fabric, the cost is relatively reduced;
4. The pattern of the transferred printed cloth is clearer, the level is more distinct, and the color is more uniform.
The printing media of the digital printing machine is sublimation transfer paper, the purpose is to print the required pattern on the thermal transfer paper. The function of the thermal roller transfer machine is to cover the printed pattern transfer paper on the required media, such as clothing, cups, pillows, mobile phone cases, mouse pads, hats, and so on.
Fedar sublimation textile printer provides a complete one-stop digital printing solution, to fill our lives with color patterns.