A New Start: Fedar attended the 16th CITPE Printer EXPO


CITPE: Fedar International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo is a very meaningful exhibition for the textile printer manufacturer to show their new product, from May 20 to 22, 2021, FEDAR Textile Printer attended the CITPE and displayed our newest 15 head dye FD61915 digital sublimation printer.


FEDAR FD61915E is a newly designed super high speed 15 Epson I3200-A1 heads textile sublimation printer, the MAX speed is 605 sqm/h, and the feeding and taking up system can bear 10000m heat transfer paper, equipped with the famous double Japan THK guide rail, Germany IGUS ink chain and USA anti-static rubber roller, this printer will bring you stable and excellent dye sublimation printing quality.


FEDAR FD1882E is an 8 head direct-to-fabric printer, the MAX speed is 240 sqm/h, it is widely used for cotton, hemp, polyester, silk printing, and it works with pigment, disperse, reactive, acid ink. If you are looking for a wide application direct to fabric printer, this FD1882E will help a lot.


FEDAR FD65-2 is a direct to film T-shirt transfer printer, with 2 pcs Epson I3200-A1 head, this printer can print 200 pcs T-shirt transfer film an hour, with the advantage of full-color printing, Suitable for dark and light garments applications, this printer will lead a storm for the bespoken T-shirt printing.


If you are interested in our FEDAR dye sublimation printer, direct to fabric printer, or pigment ink printer, just feel free to leave us a message.