2024 DPES Textile Printing & Embroidery Ended Perfectly!

The three-day Guangzhou 2024 DPES Textile Printing & Embroidery came to a successful conclusion! Many powerful brand equipment competed on the same stage, and the audience came in an endless stream and was very lively.

At this exhibition, Fedar Textile Printing exhibited models including 8-head, 15-head, 16-head, 24-head and other popular equipment, demonstrating the latest printing technology and application solutions on site. There was no shortage of negotiations at the scene. The Fedar digital sublimation printer successfully attracted the attention of the audience with its excellent performance and quality.


Fedar Textile Printing's product lines cover different needs from high production capacity to high stability, demonstrating the company's precise grasp of market segmentation and deep understanding of customer needs. During the exhibition, the team members of Fedar Textile Printing demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and teamwork capabilities. They stick to their posts and perform their respective duties, ensuring the smooth progress of the exhibition, which also reflects the cohesion and centripetal force of Fedar  Textile and Printing's corporate culture.

Fedar Textile Printing has always been user-centered, constantly optimizing and upgrading products, providing a series of comprehensive solutions such as pre-sales consultation, in-sales debugging, after-sales service and software support, and is committed to providing customers with a more complete service experience. The company insists on listening to the voice of the market and constantly promotes the development and progress of the textile printing industry.

In summary, the Guangzhou DPES Textile Printing Exhibition provides a platform for enterprises such as Fedar Textile Printing to display their innovative strength and exchange experience. Fedar  Textile Printing has demonstrated the innovation of China's textile printing industry with its excellent products and technologies. spirit and development potential, injecting strong impetus into the future development of the industry.